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Who We Are

Gekatex Group has over 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing consumables for surface preparation, from the grinding and polishing process all the way to cleanroom cleanliness. We have a global presence with factories in France, India and China that are ISO 9001 certified and delivery centres in North America, Europe and China

Our Mission

We thrive on innovations and problem-solving. We work closely with our customers and are always developing and enhancing our products to meet your requirements. It's the heart of our business.



Our Brands


Gekatex - Technical Wiping Solutions

  • On demand solutions
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve Process
  • Dedicated laboratory

Over 40 years experience in developing specific wipes for the automotive, aero, high tech Gekatex helps you save money, improve your processes and reduce waste.

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Flexipads - Grinding Sanding Polishing

  • Over 700 references in stock
  • Fast prototyping
  • OEM and aftermarket

Flexipads produces a range of grinding, sanding, polishing and detailing supplies for trade suppliers and oem. Flexipads products are used by wind mill manufacturers, skyscraper builders and most of the global automotive manufacturers.

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Botprotek - On Demand Robot Cover Solutions

  • Textile expertise
  • Knowledge of robot motion
  • In house design

Custom-made robot protections designed to keep your robot free of paint or other contaminants to give them a much longer lifespan. Our expertise allows us to choose the most adapted material to the robot, it's environment and it’s technical constraints, and made easy to install and remove for maintenance access.

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Q+ - Pure from the start

  • Quality, Consistency, Traceability
  • ISO 4 / CLASS 10 standard and above
  • Sterile versions available

Q+ offers a range of cleanroom solutions specific to industries where cleanliness is imperative. It includes cleaning agents, wipes, personal protective equipments and more. Our cleanroom consumables have been specially developed to ensure high quality and consistency, traceability and an expert cleaning result.

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